СПИСОК патентов США - подгруппа МПК H04K3/00

"Создание искусственных помех; устранение искусственных помех"

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№ п/п Номер патента Название патента


19599701Solid state device for reducing target strength
29596051Inhibiting unauthorised contactless reading of a contactless readable object
39596050System and method for communication
49594934RFID remote antenna security system
59590761Detective passive RF components using radio frequency identification tags
69590760Analog RF memory system
79590744Method and apparatus for beamforming
89590603Beam steerable UWB radar
99584350Electronic jamming system and method
109584252Managed access system with mobile wireless device geolocation capability
119584251System and method for classifying signal modulations
129578458Identification of rogue access points
139577785Signal jamming suppression
149577687Multiple interferer cancellation for communications systems
159574890Reduced power consumption and improved user experience when navigating along familiar routes
169564985Automated banking machine that outputs interference signals to jam reading ability of unauthorized card reader devices
179564984Portable electronic device
189564983Enablement of a private phone conversation
199559804Connected vehicles adaptive security signing and verification methodology and node filtering
209559803Electromagnetic spectrum management system
219553694RF jamming mitigation system and method
229553693Data communication using bandwidth modulation
239541649Detecting timing anomalies
249537605Ultra-wideband high-power solid-state transmitter for electronic warfare applications
259537604Transmit-reference methods in software defined radio platforms for communication in harsh propagation environments and systems thereof
269536514Hunting noise masking systems and methods
279535156Passive listening pulse adaptive sidelobe canceller


289531865Hacker-resistant denial of wireless device operation in restricted areas
299531497Real-time and protocol-aware reactive jamming in wireless networks
309525689Detection of an unauthorized wireless communication device
319525510RFID disruption device and related methods
329515770System, method, and device to control wireless communications
339515769Methods and systems for exploiting sensors of opportunity
349515768Method of detecting a jamming transmitter affecting a communication user equipment, device and user equipment and system with the user equipment
359509436Protection of near-field communication exchanges
369503803Collaboratively processing audio between headset and source to mask distracting noise
379503160Low-noise amplifier mixer with coupled inductors
389502022Apparatus and method of generating quiet zone by cancellation-through-injection techniques
399496981System and method of masking electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions of a circuit
409485051Facilitation of security employing a femto cell access point
419469247Using external sounds to alert vehicle occupants of external events and mask in-car conversations
429467928Assembly and method for preventing wireless communication while driving
439467817Determining vehicle occupant location
449467247Signal detection in the presence of a jamming signal
459451447Method and system for controlling a mobile communication device in a moving vehicle
469445263Method for ensuring security and privacy in a wireless cognitive network
479445190Masking open space noise using sound and corresponding visual
489444574Integration of cellular phone detection and reporting into a prison telephone system
499444502Interference cancellation system for cancelling interference in the optical domain
509441922Method and apparatus for improving gimbal stability
519438372Device and method for neutralizing the impact of a jamming signal on a satellite
529435880Pulse transponder countermeasure
539420454Method for ensuring security and privacy in a wireless cognitive network
549407384System for the integration of signal-transmission/-reception technologies for highway use
559397820Agile duplexing wireless radio devices
569397765Method for the self-testing of a reactive radio interferer
579392570Method of using aircraft for providing mobile network connection and locating subscribers in specified areas
589392451Systems/methods of conducting a financial transaction using a smartphone
599390703Masking sound generating apparatus, storage medium stored with masking sound signal, masking sound reproducing apparatus, and program
609386447Method and system for controlling a mobile communication device
619385831Circuits and method to enable efficient generation of direct digital synthesizer based waveforms of arbitrary bandwidth
629379841Mobile device prevention of contactless card attacks
639379805Apparatus, system, and method for detecting the presence and controlling the operation of mobile devices within a vehicle
649369196Apparatus, system, and method for detecting the presence and controlling the operation of mobile devices within a vehicle
659363642Radio frequency interference awareness assistance data
669361903Preserving privacy of a conversation from surrounding environment using a counter signal
679361574Wireless communication improving sheet, wireless communication IC tag, information transmitting medium and wireless communication system
689356727Method and system for intelligent jamming signal generation
699350398Multiple interferer cancellation for communications systems
709345036Full duplex radio transceiver with remote radar detection
719344125Remote interference cancellation for communications systems
729338646Method for transmitting and receiving fake communication data and terminal performing the same
739337951Device and method for limiting an extent of a wireless network service
749336786Signal processing device, signal processing method, and storage medium
759336768Smartphone security masking enclosure
769332429Systems/methods of adaptively varying a spectral content of communications
779332007Method for secure, entryless login using internet connected device
789331495Soldier system wireless power and data transmission
799330650Sound masking device and sound masking method
809306701Scene illuminator
819304189Systems and methods for detecting radar signals
829293927Inductively coupled power and data transmission system
839288007Endpoint device antenna beam forming based jamming detection and mitigation
849280145Apparatus, system, and method for detecting the presence of an intoxicated driver and controlling the operation of a vehicle
859270407Method and apparatus for selective blanking of a motor vehicle license plate
869268194Method and technique to control laser effects through tuning of parameters such as repetition rate
879264892Method and apparatus for attack resistant mesh networks
889264174Wideband intelligent jamming control apparatus and method
899264173Method for jamming communications in an open-loop-controlled network
909262657Radio frequency identification tag identification system
919258078Apparatus and method for transmitting jamming signal
929252914Assembly and method for preventing wireless communication while driving
939250314Enhanced radar detection for communication networks
949246629Systems and methods for radio frequency hopping communications jamming utilizing software defined radio platforms
959241336Communication terminal device and method, base station device, and communication system


969219568Systems and methods for interaction with thermal detectors
979215585Acquiring identity parameters by emulating base stations
989207313MIMO angle estimation with simultaneous mainlobe jammer cancellation
999203548Automated banking machine that outputs interference signals to jam reading ability of unauthorized card reader devices
1009203547Simplified apparatus for positively preventing the use of mobile personal communication devices
1019203546Magnetic stripe reader tamper protection
1029198063Method of detecting a jamming transmitter affecting a communication user equipment, user equipment and evaluation unit with interfaces to the user equipment
1039198062Method of detecting a loss of service availability, in particular a jamming transmitter and/or an out of service situation, affecting a communication user equipment, user equipment and evaluation unit with interfaces to the user equipment
1049185553Systems/methods of preferential communications
1059170069Aimpoint offset countermeasures for area protection
1069166732Facilitation of security employing a femto cell access point
1079166731Transformer with integrated notch filter
1089166730RF jamming detection and mitigation system
1099161214Wireless communication method and system for transmission authentication at the physical layer
1109146303Fourier transform-based jamming techniques
1119130694Method, apparatus, and system for phase jump detection
1129121923Interference detection, characterization and location in a wireless communications or broadcast system
1139118437Spatially segmented anti-jam antenna
1149107067Secured communication
1159094842Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
1169091750Thermodynamic device for reducing target strength
1179088386Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
1189086477Anti-jamming subsystem employing an antenna array with a horizontal circular reception pattern
1199084183Robust frequency scan in presence of strong adjacent systems
1209071387Threat response signal inhibiting apparatus for radio frequency controlled devices and corresponding methods
1219071386System and method for communication
1229071385Method for jamming communications in a closed-loop control network
1239059784Space based authentication utilizing signals from low and medium earth orbit
1249031405System and method for transmitting optical signals
1259020343Pre-jam waveforms for enhanced optical break lock jamming effects
1268995902Link 16-based geolocation of hostile jammers
1278982933Communications system including jammer using continuous phase modulation (CPM) and associated methods
1288965365Robust frequency scan in presence of strong adjacent systems
1298958511System and method for detecting broadband global positioning system (GPS) jamming
1308948683Multi-mode phy-level wireless security
1318929803Radio frequency barrier in a wireless communication network


1328903304Systems and methods for radio frequency hopping communications jamming utilizing software defined radio platforms
1338897694Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
1348893252Wireless communication selective barrier
1358890744Method and apparatus for the detection of objects using electromagnetic wave attenuation patterns
1368886038Weighted waveforms for improved jam code effectiveness
1378884821Apparatus and method for determining vehicle location
1388874025Time-varying PHY-level wireless security
1398838017Wideband jammer detector
1408824955Simplified apparatus for positively preventing the use of mobile personal communication devices
1418804949Method for protecting IC cards against power analysis attacks
1428804610Packet transmission scheduling method for simultaneous packet transmission in multiplexing paths in wireless network, and packet transmission method using the same
1438768242Remote satellite terminal with antenna polarization alignment enforcement and associated methods
1448761661Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
1458744375Method and system for sharing multiple antennas in mobile devices
1468744336Interference detection apparatus and method
1478737909Digital processing for co-site interference mitigation
1488731620System and method for providing a call notification on a communication device
1498731614Device and method for providing application for external accessory in wireless terminal
1508725083Self calibration of downlink transmit power
1518718536Apparatus, system, and method for detecting the presence and controlling the operation of mobile devices within a vehicle
1528706071Reconfigurable wideband receiver
1538705407Efficient protocols against sophisticated reactive jamming attacks
1548700107Expendable and collapsible sound amplifying cellular phone case
1558699974Wideband transmitter front-end
1568698667Device for countering and tracking a threat in the form of a homing-head missile
1578693944Method and apparatus of performing video programming security control
1588688585Remote container
1598688060Detection circuit for overdrive conditions in a wireless device
1608682275Apparatus and methods for reducing interference in radio-frequency apparatus
1618682252System and method for transmitting signals to an appliance
1628670740Direct digital conversion tuner
1638666459Cellular phone
1648666308Apparatus for viewing content contained therein on a nearby display screen with payment module for charging an account for viewing the content
1658660509Mobile terminal station and synchronous control method
1668660506Residual signal generating circuit, successive approximation ad converter, pipelined ad converter, and radio receiver
1678659699Electronic camera that wirelessly transfers data, which includes a power save mode
1688655418Method and apparatus for a frequency domain echo suppression filter
1698655287Switch control circuit, semiconductor device, and radio communication device
1708655261RF redirection module and system incorporating the RF redirection module
1718649729System and method for providing broadband interference and allowing communication therethrough
1728644884Sensor-based user interface control
1738644780Gain control circuit, FM receiver and computer program product
1748644776Systems and methods for providing improved power performance in wireless communication systems
1758643532Thin film emitter-absorber apparatus and methods
1768639280Method for a session initiation protocol push-to-talk terminal to indicate answer operating mode to an internet protocol push-to-talk network server
1778639188Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
1788634780Terminal, method, and wireless communication for power saving
1798630578Methods and apparatus for interoperable satellite radio receivers
1808626108Apparatus and method for controlling sleep cycle synchronization for emergency alert service in wireless communication system
1818625777Pairing computation device, pairing computation method, and pairing computation program


1828620620Method for testing a circuit card assembly
1838620384Communication device
1848620254Wireless communication device and system
1858620250Resonator-based filtering
1868620208Portable device for communicating with a remotely located entity
1878615209Power control system for transmission chain in a transceiver
1888615190System and method for allocating jamming energy based on three-dimensional geolocation of emitters
1898611483Multi-layer time-interleaved analog-to-digital convertor (ADC)
1908606253Apparatus and method for setting communication service blocking mode in mobile terminal
1918606215Methods and systems for interference rejection for low signals
1928606171Methods of suppressing GSM wireless device threats in dynamic or wide area static environments using minimal power consumption and collateral interference
1938602306Device for protecting contactless communication objects against fraud
1948600454Decisions on ambient noise suppression in a mobile communications handset device
1958600320Wireless communications device with an adjustable impedance matching network and associated methods
1968600307Control device or hybrid device
1978600304Radio controller system and method for remote devices
1988600290Hybrid band directed energy target disruption
1998594605Semiconductor integrated circuit and operation method of the same
2008594563Security for wireless communication
2018594559Combined satellite radio receiver
2028588865Method and apparatus for removing acoustic incident signal
2038588726Low noise mixer
2048588713Power management system for multi-carriers transmitter
2058583054Wireless display performance enhancement
2068581771Scene illuminator
2078577335Method and apparatus for tracking package deliveries
2088577327System, methods and apparatus for waking an autonomous active implantable medical device communicating by pulses transmitted through the interstitial tissues of the body
2098577319Gain partitioning in a receiver
2108576109Method and configuration for generating high-energy microwave pulses
2118571517System and method of identifying the association relationship between a smart card and a mobile phone
2128565700Reception apparatus and transmission apparatus for supporting scalable bandwidth in carrier aggregation environment
2138565697Distortion compensation apparatus and method
2148565695Detection of the value of an impedance of a radiofrequency system
2158565669Methods and apparatus for power reduction in a transceiver
2168564714Electronic camera that wirelessly transfers data, which includes a power save mode
2178559983Communication device
2188559905Systems, devices, and methods for suppressing frequency spurs in mixers
2198559865Method and apparatus for providing jammer detection in a receiver
2208554150Multi-wan module
2218548402Power amplification device and method for acquiring power adjusting coefficient
2228548032Method of detecting a radar signal, radar detection module, and wireless transceiver including the same
2238547202RFID tag and operating method thereof
2248543062Radio communication device, receiver controller of a radio communication device, methods for searching for a radio cell
2258543053Wireless communication jamming using signal delay technology
2268538364Filter circuit and receiver using the same
2278538357Switchable VRAMP limiter
2288533736System and method for adding local resources for use by a mobile agent object
2298527006Processing system, wireless device and method
2308526395Using code channel overrides to suppress CDMA wireless devices
2318521115Method and apparatus for a temperature compensated phase locked loop supporting a continuous stream receiver in an integrated
2328515381Systems and methods for improving 25% duty cycle switching mixer local oscillator timing
2338515352Dynamically reconfigurable universal transmitter system
2348515335Cognitive anti-jam receiver systems and associated methods
2358509720Dynamic impedance matching with LNA
2368509717Frequency modulation receiver and receiving method thereof
2378509716Adaptive impedance for LNB power supply output in dependence on communication mode/protocol
2388509713Single envelope tracking system for an active antenna array
2398509298Apparatus and method for adaptive I/Q imbalance compensation
2408503996Communication device
2418502726System and method for suppressing radio frequency transmissions
2428494486System and method for securely managing data stored on mobile devices, such as enterprise mobility data
2438494469Detection and mitigation of interference in a multimode receiver using variable bandwidth filter
2448494462Circuit arrangement and method for setting an analog output signal
2458493261Countermeasure device for a mobile tracking device
2468489053Compensation of local oscillator phase jitter
2478489043Distortion compensation apparatus and apparatus and method for transmitting signal
2488489014Data processing terminal system and transmitting and receiving method using the same
2498488779Method and system for conducting high speed, symmetric stream cipher encryption
2508478356Audio amplifier
2518478256Communication device
2528478223Methods and apparatus for receiving radio frequency signals
2538477875Method and receiver for demodulation
2548477727Methods for surreptitious manipulation of CDMA 2000 wireless devices
2558472863Method and apparatus for heavy-tailed waveform generation used for communication disruption
2568471756RF circuit with improved antenna matching
2578463216Method and apparatus for sensing inter-modulation to improve radio performance in single and dual tuner
2588463214Antenna diversity system
2598462939RNS-based cryptographic system and method
2608457586Radio frequency circuit and mixer
2618457570System and method for power control calibration and a wireless communication device
2628457303Fault-resistant calculcations on elliptic curves
2638447224Data processing terminal system and transmitting and receiving method using the same
2648442595Adaptive ring signal level device and method
2658442587Systems and methods for maintaining data integrity of removable media of an electronic device
2668442465Switched capacitor detuner for low noise amplification circuit having bypass path
2678442427Apparatus for viewing full version of content contained therein on a nearby display screen
2688437689Systems, devices, and methods for selectively preventing data transfer from a medical device
2698433300Communication device
2708433272Reconfigurable high linearity low noise figure receiver requiring no interstage saw filter
2718428526System and method for tuning baseband filters in wireless transceivers
2728428508Sweeping mode of jamming system
2738422595Channel estimation for communication systems with multiple transmit antennas
2748416118Chaff cloud detection and centroid estimation
2758412139Methods of receiving multiple carriers using different RF mixer frequencies and related communications devices and receivers
2768406830Radio frequency signal transmission system, radio frequency signal transmission connector and radio frequency signal transmission cable
2778406818System and method for providing a visual indicator on a communication device
2788406714Method of determining station status of non-audible tuner in dual-tuner system
2798406710Method and apparatus of minimizing extrinsic parasitic resistance in 60 GHz power amplifier circuits
2808401500High-efficiency low-cost power supply for radio frequency systems
2818401386Optical transmission apparatus
2828401116RF receiver
2838396501Method and device for group call initiation
2848395477Geographic based remote control
2858391817Method of and system for tuning an antenna
2868391810Method and system for measuring and optimizing integrated antenna performance
2878391806Wireless communications device with an adjustable impedance matching network and associated methods
2888391803Device, system and method of configurable frequency signal generation
2898391772GPS aided open loop coherent focusing
2908385981System and method for capturing augmented reality electronic signatures
2918385833Adaptive idle mode measurement methods and apparatus
2928385439Polarization mode dispersion compensation in multilevel coded-modulation schemes using blast algorithm and iterative polarization cancellation
2938380152Asymmetric gain communication device and communication method thereof
2948374563Gain control circuit of the wireless receiver
2958369897Method and system of using smart antennas for backhauling
2968367991Modulation device for a mobile tracking device
2988364103Adaptive adjustment of active area for power amplifier
2998355666Apparatus and method for interference-adaptive communications
3008351953Frequency band class control for a wireless communication device
3018351883Momentary burst protocol for wireless communication
3028351879Safe area voltage and current interface
3038351876Transmitter linearized using cartesian-processed look-up table and method therefor
3048351865Transmit power control in 160 MHz BSS
3058351842Filtering circuit with jammer generator
3068350668Smartcard protocol transmitter
3078346195Full spectrum time shifting device
3088345788Method and apparatus for detecting signal


3098340600Apparatus and method for DC offset calibration in system
3108340583Receiver circuit, electronic instrument, and signal processing method
3118336664Telematics basic mobile device safety interlock
3128335547System and method for providing discharge authorization to a battery-powered vehicle via a telematics system
3138331887Antenna diversity system with multiple tuner circuits having multiple operating modes and methods
3148330641Digital multi-channel ECM transmitter
3158326244Power amplifier, and method of controlling power amplifier
3168320974Decisions on ambient noise suppression in a mobile communications handset device
3178320972Mobile communication terminal and method of connecting call thereof
3188320879Mobile certificate distribution in a PKI
3198320865WCDMA AGC receiver SNR adjustment and signalling
3208320849Transmitter for communications system
3218320214Device for reducing target strength of an underwater object
3228306550Automatic gain control in radio frequency receivers
3238306498Wideband receiver
3248306481Single pole multi throw switch
3258305873Method and apparatus for transmitting sequence in wireless communication system
3268305252Countermeasure device for a mobile tracking device
3278301095Portable wireless device
3288301075Tactical radio and radio network with electronic countermeasures
3298295807Personalising a SIM by means of a unique personalized master SIM
3308295477Cryptanalysis method and system
3318290460Methods for measuring received signal strength indication, measurement devices, and radio communication device
3328290452Radio frequency transmitter and signal amplification method therefor
3338280333Harmonic rejection mixer unit and method for performing a harmonic rejection mixing
3348275342Downconversion mixer
3358275333Apparatus and method for switching radio channel
3368275317Radio controller system and method for remote devices
3378271028Dual band amplifier
3388270985Wireless communication apparatus and method
3398270931Methods and apparatus for adjusting a respective search-window size for one or more search windows for a wireless communication device
3408270912Method and system for a transformer in an integrated circuit package
3418265578Radio receiving apparatus
3428265552Beam selection in a multiple beam antenna in a fixed wireless CPE
3438260385Mobile terminal and an antenna for a mobile terminal
3448260363Visual ringer
3458260192Methods and apparatus for interoperable satellite radio receivers
3468260191Wireless telecommunications signal inhibition
3478260190Method and associated device for preventing UMTS call setup in nearby mobile phones
3488258994IR jamming system for defense against missiles with IR-sensitive homing heads
3498254869Smart antenna module
3508244195Low noise amplifier
3518244193Linear and non-linear dual mode transmitter
3528244169System and method for active jamming of confidential information transmitted at a point-of-sale reader
3538238848Feed forward noise reduction in a transmitter
3548233871Incompressible RF receiver
3558233860Power amplification apparatus for envelope modulation of high frequency signal and method for controlling the same
3568229371Receiving-transmission apparatus and method of switching transmission antenna in transmission switched diversity system
3578229344RF communication receiver vulnerability assessment
3588229050Method and arrangement for improved model order selection
3598224316Control device for shielding a room
3608224281Down-conversion of an electromagnetic signal with feedback control
3618224280Radio frequency receiver, wireless communication unit and method of operation
3628224273Demodulator, diversity receiver, and demodulation method
3638224263Transmitter for communications system
3648224234Method and apparatus for generation of radio frequency jamming signals
3658224233Regulation of service in restricted telecommunication service area
3668219056Radio environment scanner
3678219052Information providing system
3688219031Monitoring channels
3698214910Obscuring an accelerometer signal
3708212709Countermeasure method for a mobile tracking device
3718208886Method and system for optimizing an FM transmitter and FM receiver in a single chip FM transmitter and FM receiver system
3728208872Distortion correction device and method for power amplifier
3738208849Filtering circuit with jammer generator
3748208848Enhanced jamming detection
3758204459Temperature impervious radio device amplifier output power control
3768200147Wireless communication system for controlling communication area by jamming
3778195117Integrated switchless programmable attenuator and low noise amplifier
3788194291Image-reading device
3798190210Telecommunications obelisk with cellular network colocation
3808188904RF circuit with improved antenna matching
3818185053Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
3828185042Apparatus and method of improving sound quality of FM radio in portable terminal
3838185040System for managing voice over internet protocol communications in a network
3848180357Frequency band class control for a wireless communication device
3858180309Lock-in amplifier and method for filtering a measurement signal using such an amplifier
3868179299Method and apparatus for the detection of objects using electromagnetic wave attenuation patterns
3878175655Communication device
3888175544System and method providing variable-frequency if conversion in a multimode communication device
3898175531Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
3908175512Look through mode of jamming system
3918175060Communication device and communication method
3928170467Multi-band jammer including airborne systems
3938170135Methods and apparatus for emitter detection
3948165551Multi-band antenna and communications device having the same
3958165102Apparatus and method for integrating short-range wireless personal area networks for a wireless local area network infrastructure
3968155704Display device
3978155606RF power amplifier device and wireless communication terminal device
3988150354Determining relative phase data of a received signal
3998150336Apparatus and method for adaptive polar transmitter linearization and wireless transmitter employing the same
4008150335Apparatus and method for adaptive cartesian transmitter linearization and wireless transmitter employing the same
4018145174Orthogonal cross polarization interference compensating device, demodulator, receiving station, and method of compensating cross-polarization interference
4028145169Method and system for LNA adjustment to compensate for dynamic impedance matching
4038145157High efficiency modulation
4048145141Frequency agile transceiver for use in a multi-band handheld communications device
4058145119Method of jamming
4068140040Method and apparatus for a temperature compensated phase locked loop supporting a continuous stream receiver in an integrated circuit
4078140031Transmitter built-in production line testing utilizing digital gain calibration
4088140001Methods of suppressing GSM wireless device threats in dynamic or wide area static environments using minimal power and collateral interference
4098135372Integrated cancellation circuit for RF converter spurious tones
4108135276Quantum repeater
4118131320Communication device
4128131229Polar modulation with IQ zeroing
4138131208Method of using a telephone device to view content stored therein on a nearby display screen which is not physically connected to the telephone device
4148131205Mobile phone detection and interruption system and method
4158126506System and method for securely managing data stored on mobile devices, such as enterprise mobility data
4168126415Method and system for clock synchronization in a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver
4178126390Data processing terminal system and transmitting and receiving method using the same
4188126389Apparatus and method for interfering with wireless communications devices in response to transmission power detection
4198126096System, apparatus, and method for multi-band OFDM systems with receiver antenna selection per sub-band
4208125355Qwerty-keyboard for mobile communication devices
4218121576Linearity of an RF receive path by spurious tone suppression
4228121575Modulated IF receiver and method
4238121532Radio frequency identification tag and operating method thereof
4248121531Apparatus and method for selective interfering with wireless communications devices
4258116816Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and signal switching method
4268116715Filter circuit and communication semiconductor device using the same
4278116701Circuit arrangement and method for setting an analog output signal
4288112650Adaptive method for system re-acquisition in power saving mode operation in a mobile wiMAX system
4298112616Reduced instruction set baseband controller
4308112030Ionizing communication disruptor unit
4318107947Systems and methods for adjusting the volume of a remote push-to-talk device
4328107916Multi-tuner variable low IF receiver for multi-channel applications
4338095188Wireless earphone and portable electronic device using the same
4348095187Communication device
4358095145Method and system of distributing transmissions in a wireless data transmission system
4368095088Compact wide dynamic range transmitter for point to point radio
4378095085Automatic antenna tuning unit for software-defined and cognitive radio
4388095083Method and system for multiple shared antenna mobile devices
4398090420Bi-directional sliding-type portable terminal
4408090314Method and system for communicating via a frequency shifting repeater


4418086212RF reception system and integrated circuit with programmable filter and methods for use therewith
4428086202Method for removing the coupling and correlation of antennas, and wireless device having the function of removing the coupling and correlation of antennas
4438086201Diversity receiving device
4448078223Mobile terminal having expansion module and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
4458078154Caller information providing apparatus and transmitting method in mobile communication network
4468078121Component assembly cushioning device for mobile devices
4478078104System and method for multi-mode radio operation
4488073408Semiconductor integrated circuit including a mixer and wireless communication apparatus
4498073399Device and method for matrixed adaptive equalizing for communication receivers configured to an antenna array
4508073336Entanglement-based QKD system with active phase tracking
4518068797Gain control methods for wireless devices and transmitters
4528064883Mobile terminal having anti-theft function and anti-theft method
4538064879Mobile certificate distribution in a PKI
4548063346Virtual image projector
4558060141Method for permitting change of an electronic card without powering off and communications device employing the method
4568060024Apparatus and method for transmitting data in a communication system
4578060007Adaptive crosspole technique
4588060006Counter-intelligence signal enabled communication device
4598060005Method and device for providing active security to a contact-free electronic device
4608059760Method and device for the analog processing of a radio signal for a radio frequency receiver
4618056015Method for displaying message of a mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
4628055200System and method for transmitting signals to an appliance
4638055185Jamming device for mobile communication
4648055184System and method for active jamming of confidential information transmitted at a point-of-sale reader
4658054161Apparatus and method for transmit leakage signal suppression in RFID reader
4668049656RF decoy and method for deceiving radar-based missiles
4678045948Receiving apparatus, program and receiving method
4688041323Portable electronic unit
4698041318Relative frequency error compensation for multi-carrier receivers
4708041317Radar detection algorithm
4718040996Method and system for RF signal generation utilizing a synchronous multi-modulus divider
4728036657Radio communications system
4738036612Method, apparatus and system for terrestrial DMB service
4748032194Housing of portable electronic devices
4758032186Mobile communication terminal and method of connecting call thereof
4768032093Power detection arrangement with harmonic suppressor
4778027653Signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
4788027632Systems, devices, and methods for selectively preventing data transfer from a medical device
4798023896Radio communication device, receiver controller of a radio communication device, and method for searching for a radio cell
4808023893Method and system for wireless communication among integrated circuits within an enclosure
4818023884System and method for radio frequency audio recorder
4828019338Reconfigurable aircraft communications system with integrated avionics communication router and audio management functions
4838014740Method and system for amplitude calibration for polar modulation with discontinuous phase
4848014734Method, apparatus and system for controlling a transmit diversity device
4858013778High-resolution synthetic aperture radar device and antenna for one such radar
4868010038System and method for covertly disabling improvised explosive devices
4878009826Cryptoanalysis method and system
4888005445RF power amplifying device and wireless communication terminal device
4898005220RF communication system having a chaotic signal generator and method for generating chaotic signal
4908004280Arrangement for controlling individual antennas of an antenna arrangement
4917986930IQ imbalance image suppression in presence of unknown phase shift
4927986916Demodulation communication signals in a near field radio frequency (RF) communicator
4937986259Motorcycle radar detection system
4947983646Techniques to reduce radio frequency noise
4957983636Amplifier control device
4967979047Sampling filter
4977979041Out-of-channel received signal strength indication (RSSI) for RF front end
4987979029Receiver circuit, electronic instrument, and signal processing method
4997978974Insertable EMI shield clip for use in optical transceiver modules
5007974593Apparatus and method for calibration of gain and/or phase imbalance and/or DC offset in a communication system
5017974573Repeater open loop gain measurement
5027973696Thin film emitter-absorber apparatus and methods
5037970440Mobile phone holder for mechanical vehicles
5047970373Direct digital conversion tuner and method for using same
5057970371Receiving apparatus, program and receiving method
5067970363Terminal and method for controlling transmission power
5077970362RF transmitter with compensation of differential path delay
5087970165System and method for watermarking data
5097966050Portable communication terminal
5107965990Wireless backhaul power amplification using fourier transform matricies
5117965988Apparatus and method for calibration of gain and/or phase imbalance and/or DC offset in a communication system
5127965221Selective disruptor for voice modulated communications
5137962112Heterodyne receiver
5147962105RF power module
5157957705System and method for reducing radio frequency interference caused by a carrier
5167953407Centralized management of telecommunications parameters
5177953380High efficiency RF transmitter system using non-linear amplifiers
5187952511Method and apparatus for the detection of objects using electromagnetic wave attenuation patterns
5197949317Momentary burst protocol for wireless communication
5207949300Wireless sharing of audio files and related information
5217949296Wireless telecommunications signal inhibition
5227948427Radar detection method and apparatus using the same
5237945227Apparatus and method for controlling voltage gain in ultra wideband receiving apparatus
5247945222Method, apparatus and system for providing transmit diversity feedback
5257945218Method and system for tuning quality factor in high-Q, high-frequency filters
5267941593Systems and methods for providing nonvolatile memory management in wireless phones
5277941104Diversity transmission method and transmitter of a base station using the same in a mobile communication system
5287937055Timeshifting for a multiple-tuner vehicle radio system
5297937038Connection inhibition apparatus and method
5307933575Circuit for settling DC offset in direct conversion receiver
5317933574Method and system for LNA adjustment to compensate for dynamic impedance matching
5327933568Method and system for mitigating receiver saturation during simultaneous FM transmission and reception
5337933547Apparatus and method for interfering with wireless communications devices positioned in a volume occupied by a human driver
5347929956Call rejecting system and method of using the same
5357929914Mote networks using directional antenna techniques
5367929688Parameter generation apparatus, encryption system, decryption system, encryption apparatus, decryption apparatus, encryption method, decryption method, and program thereof
5377925164Method and system for power management control in passive optical networks
5387925159Non-directional laser-based self-protection
5397920822Device for preventing eavesdropping through speaker
5407912428System and method providing variable-frequency IF conversion in a multimode communication device
5417907916Apparatus and method for calibration of gain and/or phase imbalance and/or DC offset in a communication system
5427907888Mobile jamming attack method in wireless sensor network and method defending the same
5437904028Wireless communication device
5447894791Multi-channel multi-media integrated circuit and method thereof
5457894789Down-conversion of an electromagnetic signal with feedback control
5467894783Method of power management in a data replication process deployed in a wireless device
5477890089Communication device
5487885408Protection of several identical calculations
5497881682System and method for configuring a wireless module power limit
5507873342Low IF receiver of rejecting image signal and image signal rejection method
5517873319Methods and apparatus for channel assignment
5527870813Radio frequency jammer method
5537865170RF radio and method for monitoring multiple channels to acquire warning alert data
5547865138Method and system for a low-complexity multi-beam repeater
5557865132Method and apparatus for interacting with a communications system using radiated power adjusted according to an estimation of link-loss


5567856247RFID reader integrated with wireless communication device
5577856223Mixer-system with gain-blocks and switches
5587856216Diversity receiver and gain adjusting method therefor
5597856214Motion activated cell phone lighting
5607856212Millimeter-wave phase-locked loop with injection-locked frequency divider using quarter-wavelength transmission line and method of calibration
5617856204Method of using a telephone device to view content stored therein on a nearby display screen which is not physically connected to the telephone device
5627856203System for inhibiting texting and similar distractions while driving moving vehicles
5637853295Communication device
5647853195Adaptive RF canceller system and method
5657848723Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
5667848705Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
5677844225Radio for a motor vehicle
5687844211Ionizing communication disruptor unit
5697843376Cross-eye jamming detection and mitigation
5707840197Highly linear and very low-noise down-conversion mixer for extracting weak signals in the presence of very strong unwanted signals
5717840190Frequency source synchronization and redundancy
5727835718Semiconductor circuit for wireless receiving provided with controller circuit for controlling bias current
5737835717RF reception system and integrated circuit with programmable filter and methods for use therewith
5747835697Frequency agile radio system and method
5757835687Jamming detector and jamming detecting method
5767830296Anechoic structures for absorbing electromagnetic interference in a communications module
5777826870Separating mixed signals in a cellular environment
5787826809Method and apparatus for controlling gain of transmit antenna in a communication system
5797826610Method to secure an electronic assembly against attacks by error introduction
5807822447Push rod and sliding type portable terminal having the same
5817822399Image compensation for wireless receiver
5827822386Method and apparatus for increasing data throughput
5837818038Handheld electronic apparatus with multiple operational configurations
5847817973Method and apparatus of Doherty-type power amplifier subsystem for wireless communications systems
5857817960Wireless audio sharing
5867813708Tuner module
5877809331Data communication apparatus
5887809269Systems and methods for multiplexing QKD channels
5897801567Method for providing alerts in a mobile device and mobile device therefor
5907792511Security system with dynamic range enhancement for FM demodulation
5917792505Power amplifier efficiency using error estimate and data rate
5927792502Method and system for measuring and optimizing integrated antenna performance
5937792501Apparatus and method for attenuating leakage signal of transmitter in communication system
5947787865Mobile certificate distribution in a PKI
5957787824Receiver, transmission device and receiving method
5967783302Apparatus and method for determining a current position of a mobile device
5977783246Tactical GPS denial and denial detection system
5987773966Mobile terminal and method of reducing interfering phase-noise in the mobile terminal
5997773954Device and method for synthesizing transmission frequency in wireless terminal
6007770008Embedding data and information related to function with which data is associated into a payload
6017769354Mobile device housing with a display unit, and method for making the mobile device housing
6027764219Cellular augmented radar/laser detector
6037756951Adaptively changing application server processing power based on data volume
6047756506Method and system for discontinuous reception de-synchronization detection and recovery
6057751773Portable communication device having a media time controller
6067747292Techniques for adaptive interference cancellation
6077747230Transmission modulation apparatus
6087742748Signal predistortion in radio transmitter
6097742747Automatic IIP2 calibration architecture
6107738831Method for automobile safe wireless communications
6117734254Radio controller system and method for remote devices
6127728755Reactive parallel processing jamming system
6137706770RF reception system and integrated circuit with programmable filter and methods for use therewith
6147697886Method and system to increase available bandwidth in a time division multiplexing system
6157697885Multi-band jammer
6167689171Reducing interference in a wireless network via antenna selection
6177688247Fiber laser based directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system
6187684751Radio frequency identification apparatus, system and method adapted for self-jammer cancellation
6197684358Method for providing interactive data service in a mobile communication system
6207680450Method and user equipment for jamming detection and signalling in a mobile telecommunications network


6217609748Method, system and apparatus for maximizing a jammer's time-on-target and power-on-target
6227606534Method for operating a base station of a mobile radio system, signaling unit, control unit, mobile station and computer program
6237606524Integrated monitoring and communications receiver architecture
6247602907Elliptic curve point multiplication
6257600255Preventing network denial of service attacks using an accumulated proof-of-work approach
6267599488Differential power analysis
6277596054Suppressed feature waveform for modulated sonar transmission
6287587044Differential power analysis method and apparatus
6297583894Interferometric operation of electroabsorption modulators
6307574168Selective GPS denial system
6317554481Localized jamming of navigation signals
6327532856Regenerative jammer with multiple jamming algorithms
6337521655Method and system of automatic control
6347505730Cellular phone jammer that permits cellular communication in an emergency
6357499541Cipher strength evaluation apparatus
6367483671Processor based frequency selective jamming and communications system
6377482947Camouflaging business-activity information in a telemetry signal through randomization
6387482946Method and apparatus for camouflaging business-activity information in a telemetry signal


6397471926Information processing terminal system and transmission/reception method using the same
6407460665Cipher strength evaluation apparatus
6417450716Device and method for encrypting data
6427436877Method and apparatus to perform surgical reactive jamming while maintaining simultaneous tactical communications
6437430301Method for the enhancement of complex peaks
6447423575Method and apparatus for protecting personnel and material from RF-based threats using ultra-wideband (UWB) transmission
6457414568Low irradiance sensor with iterative angular resolution
6467400831Method of detecting the presence of cross-talk and apparatus therefor
6477400287Smart chaff
6487378626Directed infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system and method
6497376384Wireless data network security
6507336216Parachuted radar decoy
6517318368Radio frequency jammer


6527313358Communication system for redirecting communication with radio frequency devices
6537310734Method and system for securing a computer network and personal identification device used therein for controlling access to network components
6547304607Microwave self-phasing antenna arrays for secure data transmission and satellite network crosslinks
6557289761Systems, devices, and methods for selectively preventing data transfer from a medical device
6567263618Method for binding a program module
6577239843Method for the interference-free communication during the operation of a jamming transmitter
6587236119System and method for selecting a receiver hardware configuration to detect emitter signals
6597221900Jamming device against RFID smart tag systems
6607219612Naval ship decoy
6617218571Magnetically driven underwater pulse generator
6627215276Radar detector
6637205925Separable radar detector
6647202807Dynamic antenna
6657187769Method and apparatus for evaluating the strength of an encryption
6667171193Telecommunications interruption and disconnection apparatus and methods


6677148835Method and apparatus for identifying ownship threats
6687142148Towed decoy and method of improving the same
6697138936Method and apparatus for protecting personnel from RF-triggered explosive devices (RTED) using ultra-wideband (UWB) transmission
6707133612Bidirectional WDM transmission system having transmission format for reducing adverse effects of filter concatonation
6717126979System and method to autonomously and selectively jam frequency hopping signals in near real-time
6727123874Cellular phone blocker
6737120088Array system for supercavitating hydrofoils
6747103310Method of restricting the use of a radio terminal and an associated restriction device
6757099369Method and apparatus for surgical high speed follower jamming based on selectable target direction
6767095779Method and apparatus for automatic jammer frequency control of surgical reactive jammers
6777089016Channel allocation method for radio data calls having different bandwidths
6787053812Recoverable pod for self-protection of aircraft and method of protecting an aircraft using a recoverable pod
6797050755Targeted mobile terminal communication blocker
6807020044Apparatus for producing gaseous vapor baffle
6817016606Error mitigation system using line coding for optical WDM communications
6827010262Techniques for circumventing jamming of global positioning system receivers


6836959167Noise-level adaptive residual echo suppressor
6846950053Motorcycle mounted radar/laser detector
6856944422Method and device for detecting an interference condition
6866937181Device for reducing the signature of hot exhausting gases
6876934217Countermeasure threat emulator and method
6886933877Multiple-antenna jamming system
6896897776Electronic countermeasure (ECM) system and method
6906870889Communication breaking device and method thereof
6916870498Generation of electromagnetic radiation
6926864825Method and apparatus for directing electromagnetic radiation to distant locations


6936744694Gaseous cavity for forward-looking sonar quieting
6946697008Distributed electronic warfare system
6956687506Radiotelephone filtering apparatus
6966683555Fast deploy, retrievable and reusable airborne counter-measure system


6976643341Voice and image signal transmission method using code output
6986606348Receiving method and receiver for spread spectrum signals
6996584319Devices enabling radiotelephones to manage filtering and interference
7006556810Communication inhibiting device and communication inhibiting system


7016486823Adaptive cross polarization electronic countermeasures system
7026480140Apparatus and method for providing a deception response system
7036456822Electronic device and method for blocking cellular communication
7046430108Pyro-acoustic generator for protecting submarines and surface ships
7056429446Multiple infrared missile jammer
7066426977System and method for applying and removing Gaussian covering functions
7076420721Modulated infrared source
7086420720Countermeasure method
7096420719Modulated infrared source
7106420718Modulated infrared source
7116396432Method and apparatus for the deception of satellite navigation
7126393254Disabler for mobile communications
7136359710IR radiation-seeker missile jammer


7146275679Secure communication using array transmitter
7156195529Transmission blocker for mobile radio stations and method for preventing transmission activities of a mobile radio station


7166122309Method and apparatus for performing interference suppression using modal moment estimates
7176118805Method and apparatus for performing frequency hopping adaptation
7186114684Laser listening device detector
7196112052Remote controlled noise jamming device
7206107954Optical RF support network
7216084919Communication unit having spectral adaptability


7225950110Jamming detection in a wireless security system
7235940509Method and apparatus for controlling country specific frequency allocation
7245870425Differential receiver of direct sequence spread spectrum signals


7255822430System for encoding encryption/decryption information into IFF challenges
7265822429System for preventing global positioning satellite signal reception to unauthorized personnel
7275745575Identification-friend-or-foe (IFF) system using variable codes


7285703950Method and apparatus for controlling country specific frequency allocation
7295655019Identity protection method for use with wireless telephone systems
7305615261Method and apparatus for detecting illicit RF data transmissions


7315589929RF signal train generator and interferoceivers
7325583509Communications electronic warfare trainer
7335553126Secure anti-jamming wireless party line
7345495497Method and apparatus for suppressing interference from bandspread communication signals
7355495496Method and apparatus for suppressing linear amplitude interference from bandspread communication signals


7365379445Automatic gain control for reducing effects of jamming


7375355091Apparatus for real time interference signal rejection
7385351292Method and apparatus for preventing external detection of signal information
7395321747Method and apparatus for preventing extraneous detection of signal information
7405321405Radio frequency energy jamming system
7415319797Remote vehicle access featuring high security
7425313209Sweep jammer identification process
7435311596Continuous authentication using an in-band or out-of-band side channel
7445301166Remote control command system
7455299171Torpedo decoy signal generator
7465294930Optical RF stereo
7475285478Communication system utilizing self-similar signals


7485274836Multiple encoded carrier data link
7495263048Narrow band interference frequency excision method and means
7505260707Phase coherent interference signal suppression system and method
7515259030Antijam improvement method and apparatus
7525216713Method and apparatus for preventing extraneous detection of signal information
7535181243System and method for communications security protection


7545175558Nulling system for constraining pulse jammer duty factors
7555170411Modulation and demodulation system for spread spectrum transmission
7565168508Spread spectrum receiver
7575166953Technique for frequency-hopped spread spectrum communications
7585165098System for protecting digital equipment against remote access
7595157725Method and apparatus for preventing external detection of signal information
7605157688Spread spectrum transmitter for degrading spread spectrum feature detectors
7615157401Jog detector
7625148478System and method for communications security protection
7635140694Anti-intrusion defeator and locator for communication satellites
7645134631Digital gain controller
7655127020Bias control device
7665122801Monitoring systems
7675113438Method and apparatus for jamming infrared remote controls
7685086467Dummy traffic generation


7695063572Channelized delay and mix chip rate detector
7705036542Audio surveillance discouragement apparatus and method
7715031192Synthetic demodulation of spread spectrum signals
7725029184Low probability of intercept communication system
7735016261Method and apparatus for achieving improved anti-jam performance via conversion gain
7745005209Process and apparatus for the transmission of selective addresses and/or emergency messages in shortwave radio networks
7755001771Communications jammer


7764972480Holographic communications device and method
7774972469System and method for communications security protection
7784969160Dual channel clock recovery circuit
7794965581Real-time rejection circuit to automatically reject multiple interfering hopping signals while passing a lower level desired signal
7804962508Dual channel interference canceller
7814914699High frequency anti-jam communication system terminal


7824890297Burst jammer erasure circuit for spread spectrum receivers
7834876545Adaptive blanking interface apparatus for self-protection jamming equipment employed in conjunction with radar systems
7844843638Receiver for frequency hopped signals
7854805231Apparatus for detecting an electronic surveillance device


7864761813Military radar or radio communication system
7874741037System for the transmission of speech through a disturbed transmission path
7884727568Unit for preventing an interception of a radio communication signal transmitted between a fixed facility and a mobile station
7894719649Autoregressive peek-through comjammer and method


7904704737Compressive receiver having pulse width expansion
7914673943Integrated defense communications system antijamming antenna system
7924670885Spread spectrum adaptive antenna interference canceller
7934658436Disguised transmission system and method
7944658099Apparatus and method for remotely determining the presence of unauthorized surveillance devices on a communications line
7954653053Performance monitoring of antijam satellite communication network
7964651204Jamming signal generating circuit
7974638494System for the acquisition of code signals


7984612546Satellite command link protection system
7994584578Programmable interference blanking system
8004581767Measurement of jamming effectiveness by cross correlation techniques (C)
8014578817Method for establishing communications in a network of frequency-jumping transmitter-receiver stations and a station for the utilization of said method


8024514852Process for protected transmission of digital signals
8034513249Method and apparatus for signal detection, separation and suppression
8044498193Jammer transmitter


8054439767Lightweight optical jammer system
8064434505Interference cancelling system for a mobile subscriber access communications system


8074423505Cued adaptive canceller
8084404426Cryptographic telegraphy programming system
8094399556Device for locating audio surveillance apparatus
8104396917Countermeasures system
8114388723Control device for steerable null antenna processor
8124370655Combined side lobe canceller and frequency selective limiter


8134363130Binary digital communication system
8144357709Apparatus for regenerating signals within a frequency band
8154346475Data transmission system operating on the spread spectrum principle
8164342119Multi-tone jammer
8174342097Memory buffer
8184334322Communication management system for providing antijam/privacy capabilities for voice radio communications
8194332032Adaptive hybrid antenna system
8204328591Method and apparatus for signal detection, separation and suppression
8214319358Information transmission
8224317213Television reception interfering apparatus
8234317204Spread spectrum conferencing communication system
8244313207Method and system for selectively disrupting radio telegraph communications
8254309769Method and apparatus for processing spread spectrum signals


8264308621Radio interference bucker apparatus
8274270207Combined ECCM/diversity tropospheric transmission system
8284267592Anti-jam radio
8294255810Jam resistant frequency modulation system
8304255791Signal processing system


8314241447Secure spread spectrum communication system
8324227249Injected coded reference for adaptive array systems
8334219891Countermeasures system
8344217550Radio jamming device
8354216546Frequency bandwidth tuning system and method
8364214208Jamming of keyed continuous wave radio signals


8374179657Anti-jamming communication system
8384170775Communication system beamport sidelobe canceller
8394169993Intercept receiver for double-side-band, noise-like signals
8404152702Adaptive antenna lobing on spread spectrum signals at negative S/N


8414127817Transmitter detecting apparatus
8424103237Radio jamming system
8434103236Electronic jamming system


8444044359Multiple intermediate frequency side-lobe canceller
8454037159Chirp communication system
8464034156Apparatus for the identification of feedback tapes in a shift register generator


8473989887Swept frequency trap jammer for secure television system
8483987447Missile command link with pulse deletion command coding
8493984774Antijam communications system
8503979086Rocketed data communication system
8513968448Electrical filters
8523958241Chaff discrimination system
8533956729Countermeasures apparatus
8543952306Serrodyne generator
8553949397Identification - friend or foe system and method
8563949309Non-linear processor for anti-jam operation
8573943515Counter-countermeasure guidance system
8583942179Filtered-noise jammer
8593939420Debugging arrangement
8603939419Security remote control method and system
8613936749Matched filter communication systems
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